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The moon rises high as the lands below sleep
bringing forth change from far in the deep

talons that crackle, wings gleaming bright
points that burn and glow in the night

claws that tear and summon the cold
new life that blossoms from what was once old

an old foe awakens, creeping in with the tide
the blessed and the cursed, our fate will decide

:bulletred: FIRE[Lv0] :bulletred: :bulletblue: WATER[Lv0] :bulletblue:
92 - points | 122 - points

:bulletwhite: AIR[Lv0] :bulletwhite: :bulletgreen: EARTH[Lv0] :bulletgreen:
178 - points | 103 - points

:bulletblack: SHADOW[Lv0] :bulletblack: :bulletyellow: LIGHT[Lv0] :bulletyellow:
182 - points | 195 - points


:bulletblue:MALE:bulletgreen: 92
:bulletpink:FEMALE:bulletorange: 90

:bulletwhite:PRIMARY:bulletwhite: 91
:bulletblack:SECONDARY:bulletblack: 86

Current Season

It doesn't feel like autumn. No, it does not.

The grass has turned to yellow in the heat, the petals curling as flowers shrivel, and the leaves on trees crackling and falling prematurely from their branches. The shoreline has receded far into the watering holes, driven from the banks and leaving a soggy mess in their wake. The longer the wet soil is left alone, the more it dries, ground cracking and mud turning to dust. The wind is unpleasantly warm, the air dry and stale. Every little breeze casts sand into the air, and the more intense gusts can be nearly blinding.

As the drought wears on, the temperature only seems to climb. The dust remains to occupy the sky, its blue colours only a memory; instead, upward looks spy only the unpleasant brown overhead, and the faint outline of the sun as its heat penetrates the dark veil.

Prey is scarce; dying of starvation, dehydration, even heat stroke among the smaller creatures. The fish are stranded as their home pulls away from them, left flopping and sucking air until their hearts stop and they're left to rot. Birds are blinded by the sand whipped up by the wind, and it casts them to the ground; these may be the easiest prey for the cats at this time, but many the the winged creatures are fleeing the land or remaining in their trees. Predators are agitated; thirsty, hunger, and stressed by the dry weather. They are becoming increasingly aggressive, more prone to lashing out on a whim or attacking larger groups of cats. Driven mad by the heat, they're found to have brief bouts of poor judgment, and seem to pursue prey more doggedly than ever before; pain will often snap them out of their rage, however, and send them on their way. Cats are advised to be extra vigilant.

Nothing is going right; food, water, danger-- on the contrary, everything is going as wrong as it possibly could. The world itself has turned on the land that the tribes call home, driving the wildlife and nature itself to detriment the cats. Even the temperature, the weather, is cruel.

And oh, the heat is unbearable.

Shadow-Tribe leveled up! 

25 deviants said Ay chihuahua not again.
14 deviants said ST is like a black hole for points.
10 deviants said WE WIN.
8 deviants said No one can beat Shadow Tribe
8 deviants said It never ends.
3 deviants said AHAHHAHA
No deviants said Sorry


[ Everyone ] TGB Easter Event

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2014, 11:26 AM

:icontgb-airtribe: :icontgb-earthtribe: :icontgb-firetribe: :icontgb-watertribe: :icontgb-shadowtribe: :icontgb-lighttribe:

:new: Heyo! <: I just wanted to say thank you to everyone, and sorry to everyone who didn't get to participate! I honestly didn't expect so many people to be online when it was posted, so I was definitely surprised by the amount of guesses that were received in the first few hours. All the winners/people who guessed correctly are listed down at the bottom~ As well as that, a thank you to AngelShadowRena who looked over everything when I got off!
Again, thank you all for making this successful!

Hey there guys, it's Crea and I'm here to introduce you to the 2014 Easter event! This year, it'll be quite simple and, depending on how you look at it/feel about it, moderately easy! Basically, this year we're having a Word Scramble (think of it as an Easter-Art/Literature/Roleplay-Hunt, . We've gone through Art/Literature/Roleplays that are related to the group, and scrambled the titles. They can range from one word to a few, and it's your job to guess them! There will be 30 different titles to be guessed, and there can be a total of 10 winners.  

The start time of this journal is the time that it is posted- so basically, when you're done reading everything, you can go ahead and make your first guess/guesses. This will end when it is officially Monday (Midnight, Mountain Standard Time- my time) OR when all of them have been correctly guessed.

The prize for this will be an extra skill for one of your characters. The maximum amount of winners of this prize is ten. More information on prizes below.

Due to the fact that I messed up and made two number 15s (thank you guys for pointing that out omg) I went ahead and added two more to make it 33! This way there can be 11 full winners (people who guess three). Sorry about that!

Rules and Other Important Information

1. Aggressive comments will not be tolerated. Do not bash others for guessing the scrambles as you, or even be rude to someone if they got something wrong. Any aggressive comments will be hidden and the person or people will be given a warning to not do it again.

2. You can only guess three scrambles in a single comment, and you can only post one comment at a time. This is so that if you happen to guess three correctly, you don't give the answers to anyone else. However, if you get one (or more) wrong, then you can go ahead and comment again, but only with the amount of scrambles that you got wrong the first time. For example, if I guessed numbers 12, 19, and 24 and I only got 12 and 24 right, I could only guess again with one scramble. If I still got it wrong, I could guess again with one scramble. If you get one wrong the first time, you do not have to try and guess the same one again.

3. The first person to guess one correctly gets it. If two people guess one correctly, then the first person to post their comment (even if it's just by a few seconds) will get it.

4. Only members of the group can participate.

5. Please do not give away any answers you may have figured out. This should be fair to everyone. That means that you can't post answers on Skype, Tumblr, or anything like that. This will count as cheating, and if you are found doing so, you will be disqualified.

6. We hope that all thirty of these will be guessed by the end of this. Even if they aren't guessed by the time it's over, the answer will be revealed (just no one will have won anything). Since it takes three correct guesses to win the prize, there is a possibility that one or more people will end up not getting three guesses, but one or two. Because of this, it has been decided that if you end up getting one or two (not three) then you will still get a prize. This prize is points that count for the tribe of your choice, as long as you have a cat in it (tribe points count is found on the front page). If you only guessed one right, the tribe of your choice would get 10 points. If you only guessed two right, the tribe of your choice would get 20 points. So, if I only got two correct, then I could choose for 20 points to be given to Air-Tribe or Earth-Tribe.

7. If you have any questions, you can ask them below!

8. Scrambles do not include the beginnings for titles! For example, if one had "TGB:" at the beginning, it doesn't have it there. So if you're looking through and you find something that looks like it should be correct but it has something like "TGB assignment" at the beginning, do not just skip it because it has that! It will not be said if it has something at the beginning/end, so that's up to you.

9. These are the things you need to include in your comment:
Number/s of the ones you're guessing, what you're guessing they are. I don't mind if you link or not.
It is possible that there is more than one thing posted with the same name- for example, if the answer to a scramble was "Sunlight" and there were two drawings with that title, then either could be accepted. But, even if there is more than one possible answer, there can only be one winner for that number.

10. Every scramble is of something that is in the gallery as of right now. Be sure to check as many folders as you can for answers!

11. As you can see below in Scrambles, there is one capitalized letter in each word. The capitalized letter is the one that is the first of the word. For example, if a scramble is "dlgsEaga," then you know that the first letter of the word is E. This is to make it a little bit easier for you


1. daFde etEnsv - Guessed by ShadowclawFC!

2. vtitsaeRerpnsee nAd slHepre Guessed by eliza1star!

3. yetlSnli gHntinu  - Guessed by ShadowclawFC!

4. tqaguRie - Guessed by KalCity!

5. wSterae raheteW - Guessed by CavalierlyYouth!

6. treftlByu Celrtuu - Guessed by ShadowclawFC!

7. etewS tLeitl rhaeFet - Guessed by GingerFlight!

8. eOn tileLt magNirteh - Guessed by Steffanosaurus!

9. tipgeSmirn vsdntAreue - Guessed by rickatie!

10. mWra mrAs - Guessed by Antirah!

11. hTe tbiabR enarS - Guessed by Prawes!

12. ctnsiitraoD - Guessed by rickatie!

13. dniedH mnEye - Guessed by Zaabu!

14. lmlaS eaFml - Guessed by Treaimas!

15. Oen odlyoB gornMni - Guessed by Treaimas!

16. lnBdi kitSre - Guessed by eliza1star!

17. wleroF rowPe - Guessed by Antirah!

18. aeDd srtaHe - Guessed by Prawes!

19. eluB eskiS - Guessed by Antirah!

20. wBnro lufFf - Guessed by Prawes!

21. Sciiengvr Teh bucliP - Guessed by Sophister!

22. GilminbC uMnotnsai - Guessed by Sophister!

23. fgnyieD rWtea - Guessed by GingerFlight!

24. eiastMk nI The keasnDrs - Guessed by Zaabu!

25. tWreni toFrs - Guessed by GingerFlight!

26. woloFl eM oDnw - Guessed by CavalierlyYouth!

27. vePor ruYo torWh - Guessed by CavalierlyYouth!

28. grunBin trhEa - Guessed by Zaabu!

29. rgtnSsera - Guessed by rickatie!

30. wUdtannde rhaguLte - Guessed by Sophister!

31. pissGos Adn sLei - Guessed by Treaimas! (This was previously the second 15)

32. feLi In niolohTcecr - Guessed by Steffanosaurus!

33. tnliU hateD rO ytciroV - Guessed by Steffanosaurus!


1. Antirah who guessed 10, 17, and 19!
2. Treaimas who guessed 14, 15, and 31/other 15 sobs!
3. ShadowclawFC who guessed 1, 3, and 6!
4. Zaabu who guessed 13, 24, and 28!
5. Prawes who guessed 11, 18, and 20!
6. CavalierlyYouth who guessed 5, 26, and 27!
7. GingerFlight who guessed 7, 23, and 25!
8. Steffanosaurus who guessed 8, 32, and 33!
9. rickatie who guessed 9, 12, and 29!
10. Sophister who guessed 21, 22, and 30!
11. eliza1star who guessed 2 and 16!
12. KalCity who guessed 4!

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