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[ Fire - Tribe ] Chapter 2, Assignment 1

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 29, 2012, 6:59 PM

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The night had fallen quickly on Fire-Tribe land, leaving the air cold and bones chilled, sending the lithe figures spines into a quake of shivers. The day had been warm, with the sun beating down upon them, but now, out of their element and huddled together, Fire-Tribers of various sizes and pelt-colors piled around the large rock placed near the back of their expanse-structured camp. Perched atop of it, violet eyes aglow as she watched the cats form, the Silver-Fire waited quietly, whiskers quivering and twitching, as if sending off invisible water drops. The last cat finally showed, the tall ginger healer, part of the new arrivals to her tribe.

Tzurai let her eyes narrow just a bit as she watched them steadily for a few long, silent heartbeats, her ears at attention and, finally, here body straightening. Her tail raised, and slammed down against the stone behind her, a loud clink sounding out to the crowd beneath her. Most of the cats were already quiet, but now the small murmurs stopped completely, and the dark Fire-Tribe camp was bathed in darkness.

Fire-Tribe,“ for the first time, the Silver-Fire’s voice was tired. If it were a physical embodiment of herself, it would be tattered and tattooed with many battlescars. She usually didn’t let it show, but after the argument with the other leaders, and the new Yellow-Light.. With the news she bared…

The little leader shook her head, raising it higher and flicking her ears back a bit. “This land has been our home for.. Many, many season cycles. Many, many kits have been born here, many warriors have been formed here, pain and strife have stricken us, but success and love have made us stronger and bathed the land, making this ours. Our paw prints and our ancestors paw prints have marked paths that we only hope future generations can walk. However…

… Due to the news of the Yellow-Light, as I’m sure most of you have remembered, the other leaders and I have conversed about what we are going to do. There is no doubt that.. The land is.. A bit more hazardous..

Tzurai waited for her Tribe members to quick talking, their murmurs rising up, some of agreement and others of the opposite persuasion. After a long moment, she waved her tail, silencing her tribe once more, and she continued, steadily,

Unfortunately enough, the other leaders do not see this land as fit enough to live on anymore, and the Tribes have agreed to a.. migration.

This time, the dark ginger she-cat didn’t even bother to silence the murmurs, instead speaking over them. The agreed meows slowly became more of an outraged wail, though the new coming cats, former rogues, seemed to remain quiet, only looking around.

I don’t think that we should leave our land either, but, the Tribes have always stuck together and I think it is within our best interest to continue on with the other Tribes. The move is to be set for soon, and we must get ready. During this time, there will be no borders, no fights, no rivalry. We won’t be, just, Fire-Tribe, or Water-Tribe. We won’t be Shadow-Tribe, Air-Tribe, or Earth-Tribe. We will be the Tribes, until we settle into the land that the Spirits have waiting for us, wherever that may be.

What about your kittens?

What about Eva’s?

This has always been the Tribes’ home!

I don’t want to leave!

No! We have to stay!

Convince them, Tzurai!

The little leader’s ears began to flick all the way back, until she felt them pressing hard against her skull. These were questions and outcries that she had asked herself, that she had asked Castail, and Nobuo, and the stars, but there were no other answers but to leave. Irritation flashed in her violet eyes. Fire-Tribe had to do this. To live. Instead of looking down at her Tribe-mates, she turned her gaze to the sky, shaking her head.

We have to prepare,“ she stated simply, though that broken voice that was once present renewed into her stronger tone.

For this, we have assignments.

First Patrol

I will be leading this patrol myself. It will be comprised of purely warriors. We all know that Water-Tribe managed to make the hunting in Fire-Tribe lands scarce, but we need to stock up for the depths of the winter, and for the beginning of the move. I will be taking all the warriors on multiple, large hunting trips, to grab as much prey as we can. Please make sure you check in with me before you leave camp, because we need to keep count of all our cats. Eva, I apologize for dragging you away from your kittens, but we need all the paws we can get.

[  ] Tzurai [ Extension until the the 21st ]
[x] Eva
[  ] Jensen [ Extension until the 21st ]
[  ] Moss

Second Patrol

This second patrol is probably one of the most important jobs, and I’ll be trusting my deputy, Castail, to lead it. He, and all of the guards, will take themselves on a journey around our little home, visiting each Tribe’s camp and making sure that they know Fire-Tribe is on their side and that we’re ready to work together. Offer all the help you can. You may stay in the camps overnight, if they allow you, and if it is necessary, and please send my good wishes to them all. Send one cat back with a report of other Tribe activity when we need it, though keep in mind you are not spies. You are helping. You are Fire-Tribe’s messengers of peace, we don’t want another war starting because some cat lost their cool.

[x] Castail
[x] Shin
[x] Kennith
[x] Zairen
[  ] Demetri

Healer Patrol

The Healers are a vital importance of not only Fire-Tribe, but all Tribes. Because of this, despite the fire that Water-Tribe spread on our land during the war, I want the healers to search the highs and lows of Fire-Tribe territory leave no herb left here, because we will want to use them all throughout the journey and when we get there, as we do not know what will be there. Gather all the herbs you can, stock up, organize, then, in a few days, when you hear news about it, start making your way to the Clearing of Light to meet with the other healers. If the Tribe borders and lines are going to be broken for this journey, you are the first cats to do so. Kenieen, I expect you to be in charge.

[x] Kenieen
[  ] Bonnie Extension until the 17th
[  ] RaineExtension until the 17th


I know this job doesn’t sound too fun, but we have nine kittens housed in the nursery right now, and we need cats to watch over them while their parents are away. We can’t let anything happen to the future of the Tribes. Therefore, I’m leaving two cats in charge to be ‘nannies’ of sorts, simply because I feel as though you could benefit from the job. Please make sure you guard the kittens like they are your own- and don’t sleep on them, Nobuo. Adakias, I give you this job because we have no need for smithing right now, but whenever another cat comes back and is able to watch over the kittens during your shift, you may leave for a bit to help with the hunting patrols. We could use your skill. In the meantime, both of you, please sit tight and watch carefully. Kittens, I want you all to be good, and don’t get under any cats paws.

[  ] Nobuo
[  ] Adakias


[  ] Whisp
[x] Lapis
[  ] Drift
[  ] Cerul
[  ] Speckle
[  ] Snow
[  ] Freckle
[  ] Ruby [ Extension until the 16th ]
[  ] Lava

Please work hard, Fire-Tribe. We have a hardship and a hard goodbye to say, in the very near future. And be careful- the land is.. Unstable.

Hi guys! The assignments are the same as always- write an entry or draw a picture of your cat taking care of its assigned duties. Please make sure that you put as much effort as you can into it! If you don’t complete this assignment, it is punishable only by a strike, so don’t stress too much, but try to get it done! Strikes can add up fast. Hope you guys are getting excited for the migration! Assignments are due December, 14th. If you really need an extension, please note the group about it. Have fun with this, guys! :dummy:

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